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This package has been developed to support parents and teachers to understand the importance of sensory processing in your child’s development, understanding your child’s sensory needs and the impact their sensory system can have on their behaviour.

The strategies and information included are general in nature and should only be used as a guide for modifications and strategies. It is important to remember that all children are different and will respond differently to individual strategies. That is, what works for one student may not work for another student.

This resource explores the in’s and out’s of Sensory Processing. This resource explores the following:

– What is Sensory Processing?

– Why do we need Sensory Processing?

– Sensory Profiles

– Our Sensory Systems

– Development of Sensory Processing in Children

– What happens when Sensory Processing is not working as it should?

– What does this mean for my child? What does this look like?

– What Sensory Processing can look like…. (visual poster)

– Visual Posters to understand Under sensitive and Oversensitive

– Calming and Alerting Activities

– Practical Ways to help in a Classroom

– Strategies to support children in their sensory play

– Movement Processing including strategies

– Listening skills / auditory processing

– Sensory Integration and Proprioceptive input

– Visual Skills/ Visual Processing

– Important Things to Remember

– Quick and Easy Sensory Break or Sensory Diet Ideas (27 visual task cards)