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Do your students need practice with r-controlled vowels? How about comprehension skills? This is a decodable reader that tells the story of the Little Red Hen. It focuses on fluency, phonics, and comprehension and includes companion activities for additional practice with r-controlled vowels.


This resource includes:

  • 20-page decodable reader

  • Pictures to glue into the reader

  • 2 differentiated worksheets

  • 10 word/picture cards

  • Answer keys



To complete the book, students will:

  • Read a list a sight words found in the story, checking off the ones they know

  • Read the target letters/sounds (ar, er, ir, or, ur)

  • Read the story

  • Highlight words in the story with the target phonics pattern

  • Add pictures to the story that support the text (cut and glue)

  • Re-read the story to build fluency

  • Answer comprehension questions about the story

  • Record the words they highlighted, sorting by phonics pattern


Skills include:

  • reading words with r-controlled vowels in context and isolation

  • identifying character traits

  • sequencing story events

  • identifying cause and effect



Each card includes a picture and a word from the book that contains an r-controlled vowel. The word has elkonin boxes in place of the vowel and R. Students say the word and determine which r-controlled vowel completes it. These cards can be laminated and used with dry erase markers.



On both worksheets, students read and sort words containing r-controlled vowels. The first worksheet includes an easier set of words than the second one. This lets you differentiate for students of different reading abilities. It also gives students a more challenging set to work with after successfully completing the first worksheet.