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This is a 36 page novel study unit for The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. This no-prep, print-and-go resource provides everything you need for a complete novel study unit in which students are reading the text closely, monitoring their understanding, diving into key vocabulary, and using graphic organizers along with text evidence to deepen comprehension.


Each section in the novel study contains the following:

  • 2 comprehension questions and/or personal responses (some with graphic organizers, some without)
  • 1 key vocabulary word (odd numbered sections require the definition, a picture, and synonyms; even numbered sections require the definition, a sentence, and antonyms)


This novel study also contains:

  • a sheet for tracking story elements
  • a final open-ended comprehension question requiring the reader to consider the novel as a whole
  • a personal response sheet
  • a multiple-choice assessment covering the entire novel (24 questions).


This is a no-frills, copy-and-go resource for guided reading groups or literature circles. It scaffolds student thinking while allowing for differing responses and spurring conversations.


Please note – the book is NOT included in this purchase. You can find the book in any bookstore or public library.


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