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Promote active engagement with fiction, support the development of close reading analysis skills for high school, and evaluate general reading comprehension with this bundle of resources for teaching the Gothic short story “The Outsider” by H.P. Lovecraft. Included are the following: a plot-based quiz, a worksheet composed of rigorous close reading questions, a craft analysis activity, the public domain narrative, and answer keys. Materials are delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats. 

By completing the quiz, students will demonstrate knowledge of the following:

  • The narrator’s previous experiences
  • Conditions of the setting
  • The narrator’s acquisition of his education
  • The narrator’s desire for light
  • A discovery beyond a trap door
  • A violation of the narrator’s expectations
  • The cause of mass panic
  • The effect of the mirror in terms of plot development
  • The resolution

By completing the close reading analysis worksheet, students will:

  • Respond clearly, concisely, and accurately to concrete and analytical questioning
  • Locate textual evidence in support of claims
  • Analyze the symbolic meaning of an object
  • Apply knowledge of literary devices including situational irony and foreshadowing, articulating how they are applied while citing evidence in support of claims
  • Explore character motivations
  • Analyze the author’s craft with emphasis on unique phrasing, sentence structures, and sensory language

By completing the craft analysis activity, students will perform the following task(s):

  • Develop a greater understanding of how H.P. Lovecraft used descriptive language, characterization, setting, connotation, and various literary devices in “The Outsider” to establish an eerie mood consistent with the Gothic genre