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For many high school readers, fairy tales and fantasy fiction are genres that maximize engagement with literature. “The Red Shoes” by Hans Christian Andersen is about a peasant girl whose obsession with her footwear leads to supernatural events, seemingly divine punishment, and eventual redemption. With this rigorous worksheet composed of high-order questions, English Language Arts teachers will help students extend reading comprehension and support the development of close reading analysis skills. A detailed answer key is included. Materials are delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats. By completing this close reading activity, students will:

  • Identify what the text states explicitly and implicitly
  • Apply knowledge of various literary devices including dramatic irony, personification, symbolism, and more
  • Make logical inferences about the author’s intent
  • Explore how complex characters think, behave, and interact with others
  • Make a claim about whether a detail is ironic
  • Defend claims with valid reasoning and relevant textual details
  • Explore potential themes
  • Discern the function of a given paragraph
  • Connect the text to societally relevant concepts in modern society, such as social mobility
  • Conduct research to answer questions about autobiographical parallel
  • Write ideas with clarity, accuracy, and precision