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This bundle includes a variety of materials for C.S Lewis book The Screwtape Letters. Details below:

Product 1: Tests, Discussion Qs and Vocabulary for STL

– 2 Comprehensive tests covering the entirety of the letters (The first test covers letters 1-15, the second covers letters 16-31), plus answer keys. Each test consists of 40 multiple choice questions (30 on comprehension, 10 on vocabulary). The vocabulary questions are on a separate page, so they can be left out if a test on purely comprehension is desired. Note that these tests are designed to be taken open book, and some questions will ask students to examine specific passages in the letters.

– 31 open-ended study questions, one for each letter. These questions have been designed to encourage students to reflect on the spiritual lessons contained in the letters and make personal applications to their own lives. The length and quality of the required answers can be determined by the individual teacher. Teachers may also wish to use some of the more challenging questions as individual writing assignments or as essay questions for the tests.

– 34 high school level vocabulary words. A table is included which shows each word, its part of speech, its definition, and the specific letter it occurs in. Since not all the words occur on the tests, the Excel file also includes a column indicating which words are on the tests and which are not.

Product 2: Detailed PowerPoint (34 slides) and Study Guide for STL

– Information about the background, key points, and key terms found in each letter.

– Thorough notes accompanying each slide, which provide a summary of the corresponding letter and raise points for possible class discussion.

– A slide giving a brief biography of C.S. Lewis

(Note: the download also includes a PDF version of the PowerPoint. I personally recommend giving the PDF to students as a study guide, as it is easier to scroll through on a phone.)