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The Social Emotional Learning Card Game is a printable card game for creating a positive classroom community and teaching important SEL Concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Topics Include:

– Discussion Starters

– Self-Esteem

– Coping Tools

– Feelings

– Friendship

– Self-Esteem

– Gratitude

– Getting to Know You
– Positive Behaviours
– and more…

Implementation Ideas For The Social Emotional Learning Card Game:

> Beginning of the year to Build Social Skills & Connection

> Build A Positive Classroom Community:
Assessment of social skills, emotional intelligence and more

> A fun reward or calm corner game


The rules are included for both The SEL Game and The Memory Game. Amazingly, fun ways to teach and use these concepts in your classroom.

Both sets of rules are included with this download.



Be the first player to successfully discard all the cards in their hand.

Game Play:

The player to the left of the dealer plays first. Play passes to the left to start.

Match the top card on the DISCARD pile either by number, colour, or word.

For example, if the card is a Green 7, you must play a Green card or any colour 7. Or, you may play any Mix It Up or a Pickup 3 card. If you don’t have anything that matches, you must pick a card from the DRAW pile.

Once you have played your card, you must read out the card, and complete the action or answer the questions before moving to the next turn. If you fail to act out or answer the question you must draw an additional card to end your turn.

Play then moves to the next person. Once a player plays their last card, the hand is over and that player is declared the winner.



Collect the most pairs of cards.

Game Play:

The first player chooses a card and carefully turns it over. Be sure not to bother the surrounding cards.

The player then selects another card and turns it over. If the two cards are a matching pair for example two sevens, then they must select one of the cards and answer the question or complete the act out on the card before they can take the two cards and start a stack. The player is awarded another turn for making a match and goes again.

If the cards are not a match they are turned back over and it is now the next players turn.

The next player chooses their first card and turns it over. If it is a match for one of the cards the previous player turned over then they try to remember where that matching card was and turn it. If they are successful at making a match they place the cards in their stack and choose another card.

If the first card turned over was not a match for one previously turned over the player selects another card in an attempt of making a pair.

If they are unsuccessful in making a match they flip the cards back over and play is passed to the next player.

A players turn is not over until they are unable to make a matching pair.

The game continues in this fashion until all the cards are played.

The player at the end of the game with the most pairs is declared the winner.


My students loved using this resource! They found it really fun, and had great discussions around, emotions, social skills and our classroom.

– Kimberly Jayne.


This was so much fun 🙂 My students had a ball. Super appreciate that the back of the cards is mostly white. Saves on ink, and made it very easy to line up on my printer.

Steven G.