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This product includes one reading comprehension passage about the Solar System with three pages containing ten questions of
various types. The difficulty of the material is intended for students
in the 5th grade and up. The worksheet contains four paragraphs of

Subject: The Solar System
Language: Spanish
Pages: 6 (10 questions and answers)
Difficulty: 5th grade and up
Concepts tested:

  • Picking specific details from the passage
  • Making inferences
  • Grammar skills

producto incluye un pasaje de comprensión de lectura sobre el sistema solar con tres páginas que contienen diez preguntas de
varios tipos. La dificultad del material está destinada a estudiantes de
quinto grado en adelante. La hoja de trabajo contiene cuatro párrafos
de prosa.

Tema: El Sistema Solar

Idioma: Español

Páginas: 3 (10 preguntas)

Dificultad: 5 grado+

Conceptos probados:

  • Elegir detalles específicos del pasaje
  • Hacer inferencias
  • Habilidades gramaticales

worksheet is great extra practice for students who have difficulty
finding details in passages and making inferences based on the text.





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