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Y Ending, Vowel Sound of Y, Tricky Y ….whatever you call it, your students will love this OG lesson. This “Sounds of Y” packet features engaging resources to help your students learn all about Y as I and E . With these Y as a vowel activities, the students will be given the opportunity to identify and words with y endings with many different learning experiences which will help them master this spelling and reading rule. There are “Y – A Tricky Guy” posters, lesson guides, independent work, art projects and even a song to help your students master the concept of the letter Y as a vowel sound. Although these work perfectly as an Orton Gillingham lesson, these pages will work with any reading program! These activity pages are designed with the dyslexia font to support students with dyslexia (and all students). Check out the preview to see what is included.

1 . Cover Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Orton Gillingham Scope & Sequence (Levels 1-3)

4. Orton Gillingham Lesson Plan

5. Orton Gillingham Lesson Plan Guide

6. OG Three Part Drill Guide

7.Y- The Tricky Guy Poster (Y Ending Rules)

8.Y – The Tricky Guy Poster (B&W)

9.Y Ending Rules half page copy for students’ journal

10.Y in Disguise Craft (Color, Cut and Paste a disguise for the Y)

11.Tricky Y Song (Song to help students learn the rules for the sound of Y at the end of words)

12. – 13 Brainstorm Graphic Organizers for Y Sounds

14. Sounds of Y sorting activities (highlight and write)

15.Y Sounds in the Blank Worksheet

16. – 17 Y endings “Color by Code” Activity Pages

18. Y Endings Word Search

19.Y Endings Fluency Practice


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