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Have you ever thought to yourself that you just wish there were sample writing pieces that you and your students could analyze for good writing? Now there is! This 6 Traits writing for success resource has everything you need for narrative writing, persuasive writing, and expository writing to help you improve your students’ writing skills!

This resource covers the following:

✔ 6 Traits writing – ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions

✔ The writing process – brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, publishing

✔ Three different types of writing: Narrative writing, persuasive writing, and expository (informational) writing

✔ Analyzing brainstorming examples and written examples for pieces that are well-written and needs improvement

✔ Point of view

✔ Strong verbs, nouns, and adjectives

✔ Mood and tone

✔ Transition words

✔ Sentence types

and so much more!

With this resource you will get:

✔ Graphic organizers

✔ Anchor charts and student resource sheets

✔ Sample passages of a variety of writing genres to analyze as well-written or poorly written

✔ Practice sheets

✔ Reflection Questions for deeper thinking

✔ Editing and Spelling checklists

✔ Interactive opportunities, such as roleplaying, highlighting, and more

✔ Black and white versions

✔ Discussion cards

✔ Differentiated paper for the needs of all your learners

✔ Comparison mats

and so much more!