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Introducing an alternative and more challenging version of my popular Think Outside the Box (TOTB) drawing prompts, that will aid in nurturing creative and critical thinking skills. I’m so excited to offer this version of TOTB series that will offer more challenging drawing options for your learners. This “EXTRA” version of the TOTB prompts works just as the original ones but with one extra step, students will have to add a specific image to their drawing. They will still think outside the box, but they will have to think critically as to how the extra image will make sense in their drawing. This is the first original set and stay tune for more seasonal and specific themed TOTB EXTRA versions. Ideas for use are for sub days, early finishers, homeschool art, art centers, brain breaks and more. This set may be used for all ages, however, I do suggest starting with grades 1 or higher.

Here is a list of the drawing prompts:

  • This is not a SPIRAL. EXTRA – add a CIRCLE.
  • This is not a MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPE. EXTRA – add STARS.
  • This is not a BOOK. EXTRA – add a BLUSHING SMILE.
  • This is not HIGHLIGHTER. EXTRA – add CONFETTI.
  • This is not READING GLASSES. EXTRA – add a RAINBOW.
  • This is not a BOOKMARK. EXTRA – add a WIG (WACKY HAIR).
  • This is not a CALCULATOR. EXTRA – add a SUN.
  • This is not a CACTUS PLANT. EXTRA – add TINY BIRDS.
  • These are not CLOUDS. EXTRA – add HOUSES.
  • This is not a SHOOTING STAR. EXTRA – add EYES.
  • This is not PAINT. EXTRA – add GRASS.
  • This is not a WOODEN SIGN. EXTRA – add a PATTERN.
  • This is not a SCIENCE BEAKER. EXTRA – add an APPLE.
  • This is not a PENCIL. EXTRA – add SMOKE.
  • This is not a CLIPBOARD. EXTRA – add RAINDROPS.
  • This is not a SLICE OF CAKE. EXTRA – add HEARTS.
  • This is not a BIRD. EXTRA – add CIRCLES.
  • This is not a FLAG. EXTRA – add CLOUDS + SUN.
  • This is not a PINEAPPLE. EXTRA – add a BEACH BALL.
  • This is not a WHALE. EXTRA – add a SMILE.
  • This is not a CHERRY. EXTRA – add a PATTERN.
  • These are not FLOWERS. EXTRA – add a FLAG.
  • These are not CANDLES. EXTRA – add a STRAWBERRY.
  • This is not ICE CREAM. EXTRA – add LEAVES.
  • This is not a HAT. EXTRA – add a VINE.
  • This is not a BRANCH. EXTRA – add a BUNNY EARS.
  • These are not WINGS. EXTRA – add an ANIMAL SMILE.
  • This is not a NEST. EXTRA – add a CARROT.
  • This is not a TREE TRUNK. EXTRA – add INSECTS.
  • This is not a CRESCENT MOON. EXTRA – add an ACORN.
  • This is not a BELL. EXTRA – add a BOW.

Included in this download:

  • 32 drawing prompts w/o name and date pages.
  • 32 drawing prompts w/ name and date pages.
  • 1 Congratulations Page Print Out
  • 1 Intro Page
  • 1 Terms of Use Page
  • A total of 67 Printables

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