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This is a set of no-prep Thanksgiving activities for third grade. These are great for keeping your students focused on academic tasks during the holiday season!


Thanksgiving Menu Math

Students plan a menu for the feast but must not spend more money than they have. Involves addition using dollars and cents.

Pilgrim Life Reading Comprehension

Students read about the life of Pilgrim children and answer text-based questions.

Native Americans Reading Comprehension

Students read about the Wampanoag and how they helped the Pilgrims. Answer written response questions.

Thanksgiving Seating Chart

Logic puzzle/critical thinking task that has students plan seating for dinner with 6 people.

Times Tables Turkey

Solve and color worksheet. Students solve the multiplication problems and color the turkey using the code.

A Day In The Life Writing

Students write journal entries from the perspective of a Pilgrim child and a Native American child.

Thanksgiving Math Riddle

Students solve multiplication problems to find the answer to the riddle.

Thanksgiving Word Scramble

Students cut out the letters in THANKSGIVING and use them to make as many 3, 4, and 5 letter words as possible. (Not pictured in preview)

Answer keys included where appropriate.