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Support the development of close reading skills with this worksheet composed of challenging questions designed to help high school students analyze chapter 15 of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. An answer key is provided. Delivered in printable Word Document and PDF formats, these instructional materials save teachers valuable time at home without sacrificing rigor in the classroom. By engaging with this resource, students will do the following:

  • Articulate what the text states explicitly and implicitly
  • Explain the significance of a given detail
  • Write with clarity, logic, and precision
  • Cite relevant textual evidence in support of claims
  • Identify the factors that contributed to the “placid week” preceding the mob incident
  • Analyze what the fact that “Jem would struggle…through the speeches of Henry W. Grady” suggests about his character development
  • Analyze how complex characters interact
  • Explore the shift in tone once Scout approaches Mr. Cunningham
  • Demonstrate understanding of the literary device paradox
  • Analyze Mr. Underwood’s values set
  • Articulate a significant misunderstanding Atticus has about his own community
  • Explore how Atticus demonstrates courage
  • Identify and explain an example of dramatic irony