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Promote homework accountability and measure general reading comprehension with this set of two quizzes on chapters 19 and 20 of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Delivered in Word Document and PDF formats, a multiple choice assessment is included, as well as a short answer option. Answer keys are provided. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the following plot elements:

  • Tom’s previous run-in with the law
  • Why Tom had to serve 30 days
  • Mayella’s plan to ensure her siblings were not present
  • Scout’s epiphany regarding Mayella’s loneliness
  • Link Deas’s support of Tom
  • Bob Ewell’s comments according to Tom’s testimony
  • Why Tom frequently helped Mayella
  • Mr. Gilmer’s treatment of Tom
  • The major revelation regarding Dolphus Raymond’s condition
  • Atticus’s summation
  • Atticus’s peculiar behavior that surprises the kids