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Toddler Color Learning Binder is perfect to teach colors for early learners. One can use this binder for 1+ year old toddlers and preschooler as well. They will enjoy doing it over and over again. Each page has 5 different objects of one color. so it will not be overwhelming for early learners. Once the kid familiar with 11 different colors you can even give different activities included in this binder to check the learning outcome.

This color learning binder has following activities.

1. Matching the objects to 11 different colors like Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Black, White, Gray, Brown and Pink.

2. Find the correct parking lot.

3. Help the animals and birds to find their colors.

4. Help the butterflies to find their colors.

5. Sort the crayons in their box.

It has 21 activity pages, 20 cut out pages, 1 cover page.

Total 42 pages to prints.


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