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  • This Trace and Free Write series by LoLoLearning is a fantastic resource to help your students achieve a better understanding of the concepts you are teaching them by having them learn, copy, and then free-write on their own. It is a great way to strengthen their skills and to have them revisit at a later date to concrete what they have learned.
  • Within this lesson, you will find the Sixth 100 Fry Sight Words. To give a quick little background:
  • Fry Words are words that are the most frequently occurring words in the English Dictionary and are often taught as early as kindergarten when students are first familiar with the alphabet and letter sounds.
  • The Sixth 100 Fry Words that you will find in this resource are suited for students in fourth to fifth grades, and are listed in alphabetical order (but can be taught in any order). For younger students it is recommended that you start with shorter words that frequently appear in things you are reading in class. This helps them associate sounds and meaning more accurately and quickly.

If you need additional resources to help your students, you will find links to the Trace and Free Write series below. (NOTE: the fourth and fifth grades are the grade levels where the remainder of Fry sight words are taught, starting with the 3rd 100)

Get the entire FRY SIGHT WORD Trace and Free Write Series as a bundle at a DISCOUNTED PRICE:

  • BUNDLE: Trace and Free-Write Practice Sheets ALL 1000 FRY SIGHT WORDS! 530 + pgs

Individual Fry Sight Word Practice Sheet Sets and additional resources are listed below:

  1. Trace and Free Write Number 0-100 Practice Sheets: Repetitive Number Practice
  2. Trace and Free Write Practice Sheets: NUMBERS and LETTERS (UPPER AND lower CASE)
  3. Trace and Free-Write Practice Sheets: 1st 100 FRY SIGHT WORDS! (preK-1st Grade)
  4. Trace and Free-Write Practice Sheets: 2nd 100 FRY SIGHT WORDS! (2nd-3rd Grades)
  5. Trace and Free-Write Practice Sheets: 3rd 100 FRY SIGHT WORDS! (4th-5th Grades)
  6. Trace and Free-Write Practice Sheets: 4th 100 FRY SIGHT WORDS! (4th-5th Grades)

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