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Item description

Tracing my ABC’s PDF Workbook for young children to practice their writing and know what words have the beginning sound of the letter they are writing. This workbook is filled with easy steps on how to write a letter, word searches, mazes, and writing practice.

Inside you will find:

  • step-by-step writing for the letters A to Z
  • words with pictures that begin with each letter
  • look for and color the letter being practiced and count how many found
  • word search to look for the words that go with the letter being practiced
  • maze to help a letter get to the next letter in the alphabet
  • extra pages for writing practice

With the fun and engaging activities included in this resource the student will enjoy practicing their handwriting and be excited to see what the rest of the pages show.

Did you know that by having young children do word searches you are increasing their problem-solving skills, spelling, and further improve language learning? It’s a great way to learn words, increase vocabulary and make them feel smarter!

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I love creating resources for you and I am full of gratitude for the opportunity of my work being used in your classroom.