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Item description

The transportation theme is used every year in my classroom. This
bundle currently contains the following literacy, fine motor, and math

An emergent reader called “We Go!” that can be read together, colored, and taken home to read with family.

A set of stamping pages for your stamping center. These pages include stamp and write or just stamp pages, both in color and grayscale.

A land, air, and water sort with real photo images of thirty six transportation vehicles as well as three mats.

A q-tip or cotton swab fine motor activity center in both color and gray scale.

A pocket chart or table top game to review colors and numbers one through ten.

A roll and graph game.

A set of two piece self checking puzzles for matching the beginning letter of the vehicle.

A set of count and clip cards that include cards with numerals, with dice, and with fingers.

An alphabet center that can be used in a sensory bin, pocket chart, writing center, or dice game.

A set of patterning cards that can be used to cut and paste or be laminated and used with velcro or clothespins.

Letter tiles word cards that are useful with tiles, for stamping, or for dry erase writing practice.

Cutting practice center with cutting strips and two piece puzzles to cut out in both color and gray scale.

 Geoboard cards — 15 cards in color or grayscale

Things That Go! — cover for class made book.  Has form field to add your class name before printing.

Dot Marker Center has color and grayscale pages to search for alphabet letters that begin transportation words.