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The turkey is hiding and you have to find him! These Turkey Hunt Activities for Kindergarten cover numbers 0-20, beginning sounds, CVC rhyming words, color words, 2D shapes, and cutting.


Display or “hide” the cards around the learning area, in a sensory bin, or just flip them over.

Once the cards are found, the child will color, cover, or record their findings.



Number Activities –

10-frame mats, add to 10.

20-frame mats, add to 20.

Identify and trace the number – 0-10 & 10-20.

Identify and build the number – 0-10 & 10-20.

(Build the number with cube blocks

Playdough and toothpick or dowel and add cheerios

Playdough and add feathers)


Beginning Sounds –

Identify the beginning sound and trace the letter.

Identify the beginning sounds and cover the letter.

(Cover with the letter (magnet, stickers, foam, etc.)

Cover with a toy or object that begins with the letter sound

Cover with the matching lowercase letter (magnet, stickers, foam, etc.)

Make the letter with playdough


CVC Rhyming Words –

Read the CVC word cards.

Identify the Rhyming CVC word on the mat and trace the word or

Write the CVC word on the recording sheet and write a rhyming word below it.

Practice writing the CVC words on a mat. (Laminate for durability)


Color Words –

Read the color word card and cover the same color turkey with pom-poms, playdough, or other manipulatives of the same color.

Read the color word and color the turkey the same color.

*Includes spelling colour at the end.


Shape Mats –

Read the shape and trace the same shape.

Read and identify the shape, cover with a pom-pom or manipulative or

Make the shape with playdough.

Practice cutting skills by cutting out the shapes.