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Grab your copy of Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano, print these activities, and teach your students about cause and effect relationships in a way they’ll enjoy!

Developing your students’ ability to recognize cause and effect relationships will improve their reading comprehension and make them better thinkers, and better learners. It can even improve their social relationships. Teaching students to explain cause and effect relationships will develop their ability to formulate complex/compound sentences, and make them better writers too!

⭐️ For a step-by-step guide about how to use this resource, watch this video. ⭐️


11 scrambled complex sentences with answer key

11 cause and effect graphic organizers

Detailed instructions

Supporting research

Language goals (so you’ll always know the specific goals you’re targeting)


This StoryWhys Spotlight Series book companion is a subset of a broader collection of comprehensive StoryWhys book companions that were created for speech language pathologists to target many higher-level language and critical thinking goals with a single book.

StoryWhys is a one-of-a-kind, literature-based system that combines high-quality storybooks with book companions that contain a set of clear and consistent visual/graphic supports, and that targets the following skill areas:

✔️Comprehension and use of Tier 2 vocabulary

✔️Critical thinking and higher-level comprehension (categories, cause & effect, compare/contrast, main idea & details, etc.)

✔️Perspective-taking/social inferencing with specific feelings/emotion vocabulary

✔️Comprehension of figurative language

✔️Morphological knowledge

✔️Complex/compound sentence building

✔️Sequencing and formulation of organized narratives

And, the best part is, the more you use StoryWhys, the better it works!

Each book companion also contains a list of supporting research, so you can be confident that you are providing high-quality therapy, and teaching skills that really carry over.

*The author of this product is not affiliated with the author or publisher of Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano. This product is designed to be used as a book companion for Turkey Trouble, not as a standalone product.*

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