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This resource includes ten reading assessments for individualized reading assessment for two syllable words. It includes a student (list of 10) word reading list and teacher mark off list for each of the ten assessments. I like that the lists are in groups of ten because when I determine IEP goal percentages, I like to use ten items….(so I can multiple the correct number by 10 to get a nice percentage out of 100%). This could be used for elementary school students (possibly gen ed or sped), sped middle school, or sped high school students.

Teacher information:

“Each half sheet contains a list of ten

two syllable words. These are

best used for individualized assessment.

They can be used for an individualized

formative assessment, or they can be used

for data information towards particular

special education IEP goals. There is a

matching half sheet for each of the lists.

On the matching half sheet, the teacher

should mark each of the words with a

checkmark or an x according to whether

the student correctly/incorrectly reads

the word aloud. Keep these sheets for

assessment info/scores, to guide review/

reteaching tasks, or to collect percentages

towards two syllable word reading


I hope this resource is very helpful for you and your students!