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Need fun classroom games to play on Twos Day? This pair of
games is perfect for playing in your classroom, or over Zoom with your virtual
class on 2/2 or 2/22. The best part? No prep is required! Your class can enjoy
these Twos Day games immediately with no paper at all, by numbering a sheet of
lined paper to 20, or with the included score sheet.




Name That Pair – This game is all about items that come in
pairs of twos. 3 clues about each pair are shown in progression, until the pair
is revealed!


Name That Pair Food Edition – This game is all about foods
that are commonly paired. 3 clues about each pair are shown in progression,
until the food pair is revealed! I recommend playing this game after the
original, as the clues are more challenging!


Your students will love playing these guessing games with a
Twos Day theme.


The PDF downloads includes the following, to allow
for maximum flexibility:

Presentation you can immediately project
or screen share. The presentation includes 81 game slides – a title slide, plus
3 clues and a photo slide for each pair.

Link to Google Slides version of game.
Quickly save a copy to your drive and enjoy!

Score sheet for recording answers and/or
keeping score.


Your students will be so excited to play this game in
morning meeting on Twos Day! Here are some tips for a successful and fun time:

Set expectations for the noise level. Will students
be allowed to call out their guesses? Will they whisper their guesses to a
partner? Will they raise a hand when they have a guess? Or, will they quietly
and secretively record their guesses on paper?


Decide if the game will be scored. A competitive
class might love to tally points for correct guesses, while other classes might
simply enjoy working together to guess the answers. If you decide to play it as
a scored game, make sure to print copies of the score sheet or to have students
number off a sheet of lined paper.


Playing with your virtual class? Try a chat
waterfall! Instruct students to enter their answer in the chat, give a short
countdown, and have them press the Enter key all at once. My virtual students
loved this strategy, and it helped limit the tendency to just repeat answers
that had already been shared in the chat.




⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mrs. H. said: “Such
a fun activity to play on 2-22-22. They really liked competing with each
other.” 3rd Grade


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Courtney B said: “This
is a great resource and my students were able to understand it just fine.” 3rd


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tiffany Z said: “This
was a spur of the moment purchase and I am so glad I did! Thank you! We were in
kindergarten, so needed a bit more scaffolding than normal, but my kids loved
this!!” Kindergarten


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