Item description

Everyone loves Bingo! This game is a fun and entertaining
way to become familiar with the U.S. states and their capitals. It can
be used to introduce the geography of the United States, to supplement
other curriculum, or as a fun way to review and keep the names of the
states and capitals fresh in kids’ minds as they commit them to memory.

The file includes a map of the U.S. with state names, a list of states and
their capitals, and 40 bingo cards. The 50 states are divided into two
groups alphabetically, with 20 cards for each set. Each card includes
all 25 states in that set, in different order. The reference list is
divided accordingly so that you can easily play the game by calling
either the states or the capitals for either group. There are also two
reference cards with the states placed on the cards alphabetically, one
for each group.

As with all games that can be used over and over, I recommend laminating the cards for durability.

To increase the difficulty of the game each player can use two cards – one
from each set – which will include all 50 states. Identifying the
cards that go with each set is easy – one set has blue headings, one set
has red headings.