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A free resource you can use with your students as we celebrate Easter this year. Use this as an opportunity to teach your students a little bit about the Ukrainian culture as you encourage them to continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and those caring for them.

This is primarily a Christian resource but public schools can use the written sheet and the traditional coloring page.

Ukraine is known for its ancient “Pysanky” – the fine art of “writing” on Easter Eggs with wax.

I have included:

• 3 pictures/posters of eggs created in the Ukraine.

• 1 reading page about the process for older students.

• 3 Christian themed coloring pages for younger classes

• 2 traditional coloring pages

• 2 blank worksheets that students can use to design their own beautiful creations.

• 2 Simple videos about the Pysanky process from Youtube.

The clipart characters are by Lilly Silly Billy Be sure to check out her adorable store!

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