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The following printable staff training professional development package has been developed for anyone who is supporting and working directly with individuals who have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect or adverse childhood experiences. This package includes:


– STORY called “The Story of the Suitcase” This can be implemented with students as well as within this training package.

– HANDOUT – What are worldviews? Exploring an individuals Symptomatic Level as well as Underlying Level.

– “I” STATEMENTS – Exploring student’s potential worldviews through these statements.

– “NARRATIVE STATEMENTS” – Exploring fictional individuals and the impact of trauma, abuse, neglect and adverse childhood experiences through relational statements.

– EXPLORING WORLDVIEW COMMON THEMES AND TRENDS – Core sense of self and identity, perception of relational experiences, impact on education, dissociative responses and role within the family.

– REFLECTIVE ACTIVITY – Exploring your own and students perspective and worldview through reflection.

The resources in this training have both hands-on resources to use with students, as well as resources for teachers and support staff to use when report writing and developing Behavioural Support Plans and Treatment Plans.