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If you are looking for a fun review activity covering the U S States, including capital cities, abbreviations, and nicknames, this is the perfect activity for you. The United States BINGO game will keep your students totally focused while reviewing for the big test. The BINGO game consists of 36 different BINGO game cards, a master game board, and 50 question cards, each with 3 possible questions. You pick the game. Your students can either play State Capitals, State Nicknames, State Postal Abbreviations, or a combination of all three.

Why do teachers love this review activity?

⭐Once you prep, you can use it over and over.

⭐Use it for the big test review and also as a refresher right before end-of-course exams.

⭐It’s a high engagement activity that will keep your students totally engaged.

Topics Include:

Every US State, nicknames for each State, Postal Abbreviations for each State, and the capital city for each State.

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