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Check this out! Here is a fun way to keep your learners engaged in a year-long geography lesson . . . . COOKING! Not all learners might enjoy food preparation . . . but most love to eat delicious meals, snacks, and desserts. This United States Cookbook Challenge is great for all age groups and covers lessons in nearly every subject. This product isn’t limited to the classroom either. Homeschoolers, youth groups, adult groups . . . just about anyone can use this cookbook. Not only that, but it meets a variety of academic standards in subjects such as social studies, geography, science, math, language arts, and life skills. 

All 50 states are included and each state’s page comes with:

facts about the state

a state silhouette

a United States map showing where the state is located 

a list of the top agricultural products produced in the state

Each cooking challenge comes with:

prompts for learners to write about in anticipation of the challenge

prompts for learners to write about in reflection of the challenge

an area for a photograph or drawing of the created dish and/or chef who prepared it

Challenges include making:

a main breakfast dish (6)

a side breakfast dish (6)

a main lunch dish (7)

a side lunch dish (6)

a main dinner dish (7)

a side dinner dish (6)

a mid-day snack (6)

an after dinner dessert (5)