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Item description

Assess, record and communicate results to parents for letter recognition and sound identification. Efficiently assess and record lowercase, uppercase and letter sounds knowledge. Communicate this information with the parents with the home practice letter and letter fluency/ practice ideas. This product is paper friendly!


  • Lowercase student sheet
  • Uppercase student sheet
  • Teacher recording sheet
  • Letter to parents (2 versions) each with fun practice ideas

Suggested Use:

  1. Print one copy of the uppercase and lowercase student sheet back-to-back. I like to print it on cardstock, so it lasts longer or place it in a clear pouch. This will be the sheet the students read the letters/sounds from.
  2. Print several copies of the teacher record sheet (one per student).
  3. Show the student the uppercase student form, the lowercase student form and highlight or circle the letters that they do not know. While they are telling me the letter names (on either the upper or lowercase) I ask them to tell me the sound the letter makes as well.
  4. Choose a parent form that you prefer and circle/highlight the letters/sounds that need to be reviewed at home. Attach the parent letter along with the alphabet cards and send home.


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