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Vacation Application Algebra Project✈️

Students plan on a trip for their family. They are given a budget and have to plan out the entire trip in multiple aspects. This requires them to complete some research, leave a buffer for each category, create a bar graph and work with percentages. This project can be used in Pre-Algebra, Algebra or really any math class as the material is typically taught in 6-7th grade math. When I’ve used this project, I have to help them with a couple of the stages as they are weaker with some of these topics but the real life implications are worth the extra class time.

This project includes 3 charts as well as a rubric to help the students stay organized. In class this project takes about a week but it wasn’t the only thing I worked on in class. I would say I spent about 20 minutes per day for 5 days and the kids did some work outside of class.

Now includes two versions. One condensed to 4 pages and one more spread out for a total of 6 pages.