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Item description

This heart themed puzzle cards set is great for small group, literacy centers, or individual practice skills. This set includes 60 cvc cards (12 each vowel) and recording sheets.

Words included:

short a: bag, can, hat, cat, gap, ram, wax, lab, pad, jam, fat, map

short e: bed, beg, den, hen, men, net, pen, peg, jet, leg, wed, wet

short i: bib, bin, dig, dip, fin, kid, kit, lid, lip, pig, wig, zip

short o: box, cob, cot, dog, fox, hog, jog, log, mop, pod, pop, pot

short u: bud, bug, bun, bus, hut, cut, mud, mug, nut, rug, sub, sun

Each puzzle can be split into two pieces by cutting along the lines. The students will place the two halves together to complete the puzzle.

Simply print, cut, and laminate (optional).