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This Valentine’s Day  themed Number Sense Pocket Chart Center is flexible and adjustable to the needs of your students. There are seven different representations of the numerals 1-10.  Use all seven or pick and choose what fits your needs. I would recommend creating the center with numerals 1-5, 6-10, or selecting a few numbers at a time, to keep the center from being overwhelming. The center would also work great as an intervention for students. Pick the numerals or number representations that your students need to practice. Color and black & white versions are included.


  • Numerals 1-10
  • Ten Frames, 1-10
  • Dice, 1-10
  • Tally Marks, 1-10
  • Counting Candy Hearts, 1-10
  • Finger Counting, 1-10
  • Numeral Writing