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Are you looking for Valentine’s Day activities for your students that are fun and engaging? This no prep, Valentine’s Day activities packet full of silly jokes, scrambles, and word puzzles will surely put your students in Valentine’s Day spirit!

This activities pack is filled with creative writing activities, word puzzles, joke scrambles, and text message creating that are perfect for your students to keep them engaged during this fun time. Students will have the opportunity to be creative as they respond to different writing opportunities such as finish the story, roll a story, and writing about Cupid!

What’s Included?

  • Cover Page for Student Packets: Perfect to print and staple together. No prep needed!

  • Valentine’s Day Crossword Puzzle

  • Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

  • Valentine’s Day Word Search

  • Valentine’s Day Text Messages: Students will create an iPhone texting conversation between Cupid and one of his staff members!

  • Valentine’s Day Roll a Story: Use dice for students to figure out the setting, character, and problem in a story they get to create.

  • Valentine’s Day Finish the Story: Students are given a story starter, and they get to be creative with the rest of the story!

  • Valentine’s Day Letter: Students can write a letter to someone with the template

  • Valentine’s Day Comic Strip: Students write about or create a comic about a Valentine’s Day Party

  • Valentine’s Day Scramble: Unscramble the letters to find the answers to some fun winter themed jokes!