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Are you looking for something engaging for Valentine’s Day but still educational? Why not check out this adding unlike fractions scavenger hunt! It’s perfect for math centers, a math activity, or even completing independently!

This engaging scavenger hunt focuses on adding fractions with unlike denominators so that students can practice the all-important common core skill of 5.NF.1.

How does it work?
Students begin with any card. They open the card and read the math fraction inside. After solving the problem, they move around the room looking for the next card with the answer on the outside. When they find it, they open it up and solve that problem inside. They continue doing this until they return back to their original card. (Of course they record a few things for you too as they go!)

With This Product You’ll Get:
✓ 30 different cards (with 30 different adding fractions with unlike denominator problems)
✓ Step-by-step printing directions
✓ Student recording sheet
✓ 2 different sizes – large cards (2 to a page) and smaller (4 to a page)
✓ Answer key

How You Can Use This Product:
✓ Hang them around the room for an engaging game
✓ Independent work
✓ Partner work
✓ Centers
✓ Small groups