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Show your students how much you love them with the rigorous yet fun Valentine’s Day Grammar Escape Room!

There is no wonder why escape rooms are so popular; they are highly engaging and encourage people to work together and think creatively in order to solve different puzzles… all while trying to beat the clock! This meticulously-crafted resource features all of the materials you need to conduct a full-length Valentine’s Day-themed Escape Room about grammar. Planning an escape room may seem like quite the daunting task, but this product provides everything from the basics and set-up instructions to signs and answer keys so that yours runs smoothly from start to finish. The activity involves movement, energy, creative thinking and most of all, collaboration. All tasks are grammar skills-based so that with this fun lesson on a sugar-filled holiday, learning is not sacrificed. Your students will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize the higher order thinking skills they are applying in the playing of this game!

How does it work?

Your students are stuck in your classroom on Valentine’s Day and cannot leave until they solve 5 challenging grammar-based tasks about the holiday of love!

  • The OG Valentine’s Day: In the first task, students must pick out sentence fragments and run-ons within a passage about the origins of Valentine’s Day.

  • What’s Funny, Honey?: In the second task, students will read through 8 funny quotes about love and identify the parts of speech of words within each quote.

  • Ah-Mazing: In the third task, students must solve four word mazes.

  • What is Love? Baby Don’t Hurt Me: In the fourth task, students must correct past tense verbs within a passage about love.

  • How Will I Know?: In the final task, students must identify the parts of speech within a question. Then, they must input all 5 codes into a famous quote about love. Once complete, they must bring to you to escape!

Product Includes:

– Escape Room Basics

– Detailed Day-Of Instructions

– Escape Room Print & Set-Up Checklist

– Student Teams Chart

– Materials for 5 Tasks: task signs to be folded upright, task instructions (2 per page for easy printing), and supplementary materials to be kept at stations

– Student Answer Sheet

– Teacher Answer Keys

– Escape Room Reflection for homework or in-class writing activity

This escape room is suitable for middle and high school students and is ideal for any time during the month of February.