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Engage kiddos this February with these 4 Valentine’s Day themed games that review addition and subtraction to 20 fluency. There is minimal teacher prep, 2 games are print and go, 2 are print, cut and go! Laminate them for easy use year after year. These games are great for any primary grade to help students begin to fluently solve these problems. There are 2 core games included, which have an addition version and subtraction version. The games are Bump and Love Monster!

2 Bump Game Directions: Players will need 2 dice, and 8 game pieces for each player. The first player should roll two dice and add the sum of the dice to 6. Cover the sum with one game piece. It is then the next persons turn. If someone rolls the same sum, they get to bump the first player’s piece off. If someone rolls the same sum twice, they get to put a second piece on the space and cannot be bumped. The first person to use all 8 of their pieces wins.

2 Love Monster Game Directions: Mix up all of the cards face down. Then, take turns picking up each card. If you solve the problem correctly, then you keep it. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins! Watch out for the special cards Love Monster, Reverse, Skip, Lose a Turn.