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One math picture is included with twenty (20) practice pages that can all be used with the math picture!

All students need a copy of the math picture. Following the color key, students need to color each item on the math picture. You can decide if you want to let your students color the rest of the page or not depending on the amount of time you have available.

Students will use their colored math picture to solve the problems on any of the other math pages. There are a variety of skills to choose from (this may allow you to differentiate for your students based on their needs).

Math Practice Pages Included Cover the Following Skills:

  • Graphing (full page graph)
  • Graphing (smaller graph, with questions)
  • Addition (sums less than 10)
  • Addition (sums greater than 10)
  • Addition with three addends
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication (9 Problems on page)
  • Multiplication (16 Problems on page)
  • Comparing Numbers using <, >, or =
  • Ordering Numbers least to greatest
  • Place Value
  • Fact Families (with all 3 numbers given)
  • Fact Families (add to find the unknown greatest number)
  • True or False? (Equal or Unequal Equations) Addition
  • True or False? (Equal or Unequal Equations) Subtraction
  • True or False? (Equal or Unequal Equations) Mixed + and –
  • Number Bonds with one Unknown Number
  • Number Bonds with Unknown Sum
  • Addition with Missing Addends
  • Subtraction with Missing Subtrahend

Answer Keys included for quick grading!