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Valentine’s Day visual perceptual packet that includes seek and find, visual scanning, find and color, memory cards, scissor skills, and spatial relations worksheets. This Valentine’s Day OT packet is great to use to address visual motor skills in your classroom activities or occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions. Low prep Valentine’s OT activities, print and go!

This packet includes 29 pages with Valentine’s Day visual perceptual activities

  • Find and Color: 4 Pages for Find and Color Worksheets

  • Visual Scanning: 4 pages left to right visual scanning worksheets

  • Memory Cards: 16 pairs total (32 cards) 8 pages total **black and white version of cards is included* (only 4 pages included in page count for this product)

  • Cryptogram and Decoding: 2 pages

  • Seek and Find: 3 Pages (2 Seek and Finds + corresponding cards)

  • Spatial Relations: 4 Left/Right differentiation worksheets

  • Scissor Skills: 8 Worksheets (4 levels ranging from snipping to cutting simple shapes)

*Answer Key is Provided for Visual Scanning and Seek and Find Worksheets**