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Valentine’s Day Post Office Dramatic Play Props contains various
props to add to your dramatic play area. They are Valentine hearts post
office themed props. Included are various signs, labels, employee
badge, checklist, postcards, and envelopes. Stock your dramatic play
area with dress up clothes and accessories; have postal worker clothes
and accessories if possible. Add various sizes of boxes for sorting.
Add papers, postcards, envelops, writing utensils, stamps, and stickers
either in your dramatic play area, or place your writing center close to
the dramatic play area. Add a cash register and play money to the
dramatic play area. Allow children to help create a mailbox to add to
the area. I have included directions on how to create a mailbox.
Laminate the signs, and add them wherever they fit in your dramatic play
area. Laminate the labels, checklists, postcards, and envelopes; add
to the dramatic play area. Allow children to write on the checklist,
postcards, and envelopes with dry erase markers. Have extra non
laminated postcards and envelopes for children to write, stamp, and
decorate with stickers. There are two hours signs. One has hours
listed; the other has no hours listed. The children can make their own
marks on the blank hour signs. Other signs include Weigh Boxes Here,
Sort Boxes, Sort Envelopes, Pay Here, Welcome, Open, and Closed. Labels
include mail truck, tape, mailbox, hat, paper towels, parcels,
envelope, and stamps. Everything either has hearts or red border with
white dots included for a Valentine’s Day theme added. After your
dramatic play area is set up and ready, invite the children to engage in

  • Weigh Boxes Here sign included
  • Sort Boxes sign included
  • Sort Envelopes sign included
  • Pay Here sign included
  • Welcome sign included
  • Open and Closed signs included
  • Two Hours signs included
  • Checklist included
  • Heart envelopes included
  • Postcards with heart stamp included
  • Mail truck, tape, mailbox, hat, paper towels, parcels, envelope, and stamps labels included
  • Sixteen pages worth of props

⭐ Standards used in this resource are Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework Standards: Preschooler Domains.

Preschooler Approaches to Learning: Creativity

Goal P-ATL 12. Child expresses creativity in thinking and communication.

Goal P-ATL 13. Child uses imagination in play and interactions with others.

Preschooler Social and Emotional Development: Relationships with Other Children

Goal P-SE 3. Child engages in and maintains positive interactions and relationships with other children.

Goal P-SE 4. Child engages in cooperative play with other children.

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