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Printable and no-prep candy themed speech therapy lesson plan with worksheets that target articulation & expressive/receptive language goals, including book companion activities, a language scene, and more!

This download targets the following speech and language concepts:

  • Book Companion Worksheets for Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory including: WH- Questions, Writing Activity, & Sequencing**
  • Candy Short Stories
  • Following 1 Step Directions
  • Following 2 Step Directions
  • Picture Scene
  • Following Directions: Temporal Concepts
  • Following Directions: Quantitative Concepts
  • Gumball Machine Counting
  • Category Naming
  • Pronouns
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Gumball Machine Dot Articulation
  • Candy Dot Articulation
  • Candy Shop Articulation Activity
  • Regular Plurals Candy Worksheets
  • Irregular Plurals Candy Worksheets
  • Regular Past Tense Verbs Candy Worksheets
  • Irregular Past Tense Verbs Candy Worksheets
  • Present Progressive Verbs Candy Worksheets
  • Antonyms Candy Worksheets
  • Synonyms Candy Worksheets
  • Categories Candy Worksheets
  • Descriptions Candy Worksheets
  • Blank “Create Your Own” Language Worksheets
  • Articulation Worksheets that target ALL SOUNDS: B, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, T, V, Z, SH, CH, TH, H, W, Y, L-Blends, S-Blends, and R-Blends
  • Blank Worksheets for you to include your own words/sounds like CV, VC, and CVC

**The book is NOT included, but a link to an online reading of the book is included.

Bonus File: Included in the weekly bundle is a bonus file with a Candy Banner and Resource Guide with even more activities on this theme. Enjoy!