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Practice number sense with this fun Valentine’s Day themed math game. Differentiated to meet your student’s needs. This game covers; matching number representations to numbers, subitizing, addition, doubles facts, 10 and some more.


– Roll and stack 0 – 5 (non-standard dice)

– Roll and stack 5 – 10 (non-standard dice)

– Roll and stack 1 – 6

– Roll, add 1, and stack

– Roll, double, and stack

– Roll, add 10 and stack

*Includes dice nets for non-standard dice (0-5) and (5-10). Dice options come with numbers or pictures for matching or counting practice.


Roll the dice and place a block on the correct heart. If there is already a block on the heart, stack the next block on top to make a tower. Continue until all hearts are full or see which one is the highest at the end. You can stack unifix cubes, duplo, lego or any other blocks.

In colour and B&W. Print on cardstock and laminate for durability.