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Teach your students to read and write 2 letter vowel-consonant words with this fun phonics activity! Children should blend to read the word, cut and paste to make the word and finally write the word. FUN hands-on learning for early or struggling readers and writers!


The following are included in b/w:

•Activity containing 1 VC word per sheet (12 pages)

•Activity containing 2 VC words per sheet (6 pages)

•Activity containing 4 VC words per sheet (3 pages)


The VC words included are: at, an, am, as, in, is, it, if, on, of, up, us.


To complete the activity your students:

1. Press the ‘sound buttons’ underneath each letter and blend to say the word.

2. Cut and paste the correct letters to make the word.

3. Write the word themselves!


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