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These 3 Halloween-themed worksheets are great practice for recognizing and using past tense, present tense, and future tense.
Perfect activity for kids in the holiday mood!

  • Worksheet #1 asks kids to decide whether a sentence is past, present, or future
    tense, and to underline the verb that shows which tense it is.
  • Worksheet #2 asks kids to fill in their own past, present, or future verb or verb phrase to complete Halloween-themed sentences.
  • Worksheet #3 asks kids to rewrite present tense sentences into past and future tense.

*These worksheets are not “spooky Halloween” but are more about pumpkins, parties, and costumes.

Designed for Grades 2-3; these worksheets support Common Core L.2.1, L.2.1d, L.2.1f, L.3.1, L.3.1e, L.3.1i.