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As a child, I remember my mother always having the 5′ o clock news on while she prepared supper for us. A lot of the times while they were reporting on the local news we heard the term victim and perpetrator and never really understood what was going on. All we knew is that whatever was happening was not good. This resource is for students to understand what is a victim and what is a perpetrator. Due to the nature of such discussions the scenarios included in this task card set will have theft, injury, and fraud. This will open up discussions that may be sensitive for some but must be discussed so students can understand why it is important to be aware of scams online and in real life that can happen to anyone, anywhere. By knowing the difference between the two terms, students will be better informed when they read articles or hear the news while dinner is being prepared.

Please view the thumbnails to get an idea of what the task cards look like.


  • 20 task cards
  • recording sheet
  • answer key

Students will read each scenario and assess who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.

May you have fruitful discussions!

Soumara Siddiqui @ Dressed in Sheets



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