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This product is a video viewing guide to a short, but amazing video called “How Whales Change Climate.” This guide will turn a 5-minute video into a whole class lesson that your students won’t soon forget! Get your students thinking and talking about ecosystems, biotic relationships, and the impact of humans on the environment by watching the video and completing the viewing guide.


Here’s what you’ll get in your download:

  • Video Viewing Guide (2 pages)
  • Whales article (2 pages)
  • Article Analysis questions
  • Teacher Suggestions

The article has a QR code taking students to a recording (on Youtube) of humpback whale songs!

I’ve had some great class discussions after students watch this video and complete the guide! I especially love how it transforms their thinking about how an organism’s niche may be much more complex than they ever realized.


The video is produced by Sustainable Humans and is easily accessed on their webpage or on Youtube.


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