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Take a unique approach when teaching about ancient Mesoamerica or Native American cultures with this virtual field trip and map activity. This product includes 4 different activities: 2 virtual field trips, webquest, and vacation map project. Everything is available in digital and print ready format. Absolutely NO PREP!


4 different activities

⭐ google earth virtual field trip on Chichen Itza with response questions

⭐ google earth™ virtual field trip on ruins of Monte Alban with response questions

⭐ map activity of 7 historical places around Mesoamerica where students research the sites – includes graphic organizer (Chichen Itza, Tula, Palenque, Tulum, Yaxchilan, Monte Alban, and Teotihuacan)

⭐ vacation project- students pin 5 landmarks of their choosing from the map on ancient Mesoamerica and create a detailed 4-day trip itinerary with hotels, sightseeing locations, restaurants, etc. The map provides scale, time, and distance between locations.

– 3 options available for project: using static (pdf) map, digital map on google slides™ or utilizing google my maps™

⭐ detailed teacher and student guides

⭐differentiated lesson ideas provided

⭐ project itinerary on ancient Mesoamerica and planning templates (digital and print ready)

⭐ youtube video on how to use google my maps™

⭐ digital teacher and student copy on google slides™

⭐rubric for project


⭐Activities are very versatile and can be used together as a mini unit or incorporated into different times

⭐Use the interactive map activity when teaching about various accomplishments of different Native American cultures

⭐ Use when teaching about ancient Mesopotamia, Native Americans, and European Explorations

⭐Best used with Middle and High School students

Star using interactive and dynamic maps that are right in your google account such as google my maps™!


→great integrational tool

→help with data visualization

→enhances the connection between geography and history

→provides in-depth learning experience

→promotes curiosity, critical thinking, and exploration

→More interactive than google maps™ because you can attach more information and customize your maps.

→Part of google maps™ with more education friendly tools that allow you to create custom maps, share with others, and add informational text or videos to each location

→The maps are saved into your google drive™ and can be re-used for another assignment.

→makes using maps more fun!


Your students will love the enhancement of real world thru these virtual field trip map activities on ancient Mesoamerica. Virtual field trips and maps help in building curiosity and enhancing the experience of real world. By using google my maps™ students will be provided with more context and relevance to your lesson. Since these activities are student-based, they provide differentiation, individual student pace, and opportunity to learn on their own.

Each activity in this ancient Mesoamerica virtual field trip builds on the previous one where the content is structured/scaffolded and the activities become more challenging. Differentiation lesson ideas are provided in teacher guide. As there are various activity levels available for students, which makes this product perfect to use with students in Middle and/or High school.





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