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Are your students getting weary with all this social distancing.  Well, send them on a host of virtual field trips.  This resource takes them on fun, cultural, and educational explorations. There are 10 quality links.  Students will take virtual tours in museums, a National Park, an aquarium and more.  My favorite link is to a virtual library that is filled with over 300 culturally diverse books. Students will choose a good fit book and read it from page to page on their device.  Read-alouds are nice, but reading on their own will help them sharpen their reading skills.   (Please note that you can sign up for free to give your students additional access to videos and read-alouds on the site).  This will not be a “one and done” resource.  It’s totally editable, just delete my Bitmoji and add your own. You can also edit my links.  You can link  assignments, a PDF, and other websites you would like your students to have access to.  The possibilities are endless!  An overview and tutorials are included for your assistance.  Use in slideshow mode.

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