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NO-PREP ELA/EFL/ESL escape room activity bundle for in-person, hybrid and virtual environments. Ideal to foster team-building and metacognition and revise upper-intermediate/ advanced grammar and vocabulary concepts. The pack, which includes digital resources as well as printable options (adapted to social distancing), features two breakout rooms and focuses on the following topics:

✔ Weather collocations, idioms & metaphors

✔ contrastive linkers

✔ prepositions

✔ The passive & the causative

✔ Dependent prepositions

✔ Assorted collocations

✔ Advanced weather vocabulary
✔ Collectives

✔ definite, indefinite and zero articles

✔ personal suffixes

✔ linkers (cause/reason, purpose, result, contrast & concession)

✔ phrasal verbs

✔ adverbs versus adjectives

✔ semantic fields

✔ punctuation of relative clauses (defining vs. non-defining)

The PPT version can be used in-person or on any conference meeting platform with breakout room capabilities. Alternatives are suggested in the accompanying teacher notes.



DIGITAL VERSION (cheat-proof, self-contained and ready to play)

29-slide Powerpoint presentation, including 10 computer-fillable clue cards and encrypted messages and a grid to verify the EXIT combination.

1 Excel Roman Cypher Decoder (can be replaced by the printable option)

1 single and one double fillable and/or printable recording answer sheet in PDF format

IN-PERSON VERSION (ready to play)

10 individual clue cards to complete manually


10 individual clue cards (computer-fillable)

10 double clue cards to complete manually and save paper

10 double clue cards (computer-fillable)

1 PPT tracker to record the progress of each team and verify the EXIT combination.

1 printable Caesar Cypher Wheel (with instructions to assemble and use)

1 single and one double fillable and/or printable recording answer sheet in PDF format

1 photo booklet featuring all the locations

1 set of location labels

✪ ALTERNATIVE: 1 video tour of the locations to be displayed on a big screen.

Context and rules hand-out


Self-assessment quiz

Answer keys

Teacher’s Notes



16-slide Powerpoint presentation, including clues and solutions for projection or screen-sharing.

10 fillable and/or ready-to-print clue cards in PDF format

10 ready-to-print full-colour answer cards in PDF format

1 double fillable and/or printable recording answer sheet in PDF format

✪ 1 seven-minute video tutorial on how to assemble the full virtual version as an assignment



⭐Escape room Halloween | Rhetorical devices | Syntax and more |  Grade 11 – 12 |

⭐ ELA Escape room | Prepositions game | Parts of Speech | CEFR B2- C1 | Grade 9-12

⭐Create your own Custom Bundle | High School Grammar Games | Digital Escape Room




⚠️ These resources include presentations and a spreadsheet featuring animations and MACROS that won’t work on GoogleSlides™️.

⛔ The present resources are meant for personal use only.

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