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This set of voice warm-up slides is focused on kinder and 1st-grade level students. These are part of my set of 33 Elementary Vocal Warmups for Everyday Use designed to provide elementary music teachers with moving and vocal exercises to have fun and improve their singing skills. The slides can be used in any order that fits your need. Each slide has directions on how to use the vocal exercise. Some slides also include a music notation of the song that goes with the warm-up.

Included are movements such as stretch, and neck roll. Vocal warm-ups include correct breathing, tongue trill, and lip buzz. Also included are warm-ups to practice scale-wise movement with solfege, numbers, and the music alphabet. These warm-ups can also be used to reinforce music concepts.

I use these warm-ups at the beginning of each class. I project the slides on the overhead projector and have a student change the slides while I am at the piano. Be sure to check out my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT948ZYvfDU&t=5s about using a “clicker” when presenting the slides. This made my teaching life much easier.

I start the year with the first few body slides and easy vocal slides. I remind them about good posture, a relaxed body, and a relaxed voice for singing. As the year progresses, I drop simpler slides and add more challenging exercises to keep the students engaged.


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