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This volume city resource is perfect to teach volumeperimeter and area. This product is designed to encourage students to become architects and create their own city. Students will create a draft, make rectangular nets, build prisms and place them on a map. While the students are creating, they’re also learning important math concepts that will help them throughout life! You can find examples of the projects by visiting #VolumeCity.

What’s included:

This activity includes a teacher presentation that can be given to students, clear directions, student examples, a city planning project dimension sheet, map template, centimeter grid paper and rubric.

A secondary city template is also included. The second city includes nets of pyramids, cylinders and triangular prisms. 

This activity will encourage students to create their own city and learn about math at the same time. Students will discover how rectangular prisms are constructed and place them in appropriate places. 

Students will also explore how grids can help identify the length, width, and height of rectangular prisms. By using trial and error, as well as perseverance skills, students will find the volume of each building and create a city that is only limited by their imagination.

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