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I teach through a YT video (link in description) that children watch,
then you give them the corresponding worksheets. That’s all!

YT links are in the product download also: https://youtu.be/56QBt8doIp8

the book on YT, I always show the text on-screen so that children can
follow along to help with fluency in reading. I don’t create entire
lessons, though this one (as well as many of my subject area sets) can
fill the need of an abbreviated lesson for this grade level. The goal
is to provide a fun and different way to learn so that children can gain
knowledge while being entertained through a story. This is an
independent learning activity, so the teacher/parent can simply let the
child/children watch the video, then give them the worksheets to
complete. The worksheets directly correspond to what I taught in the
video. There are also fun sheets included in the worksheets.

Sets are differentiated by A and B levels.

Possible uses:

*Small/whole group

*Daily 5


*Summer bridge


*…and more

This can be spread out over a couple of days.


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